The new era of PHP frameworks


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Good presentation, but not much new information for php developers in general. So, a bit superficial to my opinion. Later on, Juozas' talk went much more detailed. Good overview of php frameworks.

Good presentation but was hoping to learn more about why PHP 5.3 frameworks are so different than pre 5.3 frameworks.

Great talk, gave a update about the new (to be) released frameworks and their new features. The BSOD slide was funny!

Great talk giving good overview of current situation in PHP framework world!

Nice talk bringing everyone up to speed with the current status on PHP frameworks and his ideas on which framework will be hot, which to watch etc.

General talk about the php framework world. Haven't heard anything new. And I hoped it would dig deeper in new technologies like hmvc.

Great talk! Good overview of current frameworks, what is wrong with them and how to repair it.

I missed the new possibilities that the new frameworks could bring.

Was nice to hear about the evolvement of frameworks and how "we" learned and got more insight on the goals to achive.

Great talk wit a very nice insight to frameworks and what is to come. One of my favorite talks of the day! Nice and clear and easy to follow :)

Anonymous at 22:49 on 17 Sep 2011

Thank you for this very interesting reflection of the most various frameworks. Great session.

Good talk, it flowed well and it covered a nice (large) area of PHP Frameworks.

Great talk. Juozas seems a little careful at venting his opinion (very often "I think"). You know your stuff, we came to listen to you, don't be afraid to make strong statements :).
Very natural speaker, enjoyed the talk a lot.

Awesome session! While calmly explaining the difficulties and leaps PHP was facing you showed the complete audience an entire different side of frameworks. Though, if you say "I think" one more time...

Liked how you remained focused, even with Zev in the audience!