Offline strategies for HTML5 web applications


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Very interesting talk, well presented and clear! HTML5 looks easy now for a backend developer like me. Thanks a lot!

I've had the pleasure of listening to Stefan a few times before. This talk is no exception to the others, as again this talk is very complete and well-prepared. Stefan is a pleasant speaker with quite some experience under his belt.

The talk is mostly a general overview that offers a fairly complete overview of the field. No great lessons practice but definitely very interesting to get started on taking your application offline.

Good overview of what hopefully will be mainstream in the future.

Very good overview of the options available. I would have liked to see some more "real life" examples and "actionable" items.

nice introductory talk

Good introduction to HTML5's caching and storage.

Anonymous at 21:38 on 15 Sep 2012

this was the best session I had all day! very usefull :)

Very clear talk about HTML5. I really did like the slide explaining the support between different browsers.

Anonymous at 10:56 on 16 Sep 2012

Good presentation, excellent speaker

Liked the talk ! Nothing to add or comment.

Good session, perfect start of my day! I have had the pleasure of attending your talk at the Dutch PHP Conference as well and think both your subjects and presentational skills are excellent.

Maybe the talk could be improved even more if you would have a real life example of an application and show the different methods for storing client-side with actual code for that specific application.

Thank you for all your comments. Will consider adding "real code" samples for the next version of the talk.

Interesting presentation!

Maybe you could make it even more interesting by including how to synchronize offline data with a live website (where the data can have been changed by other users)...

Nice talk, I missed the overview a bit. But nice to hear the possibilities of all methods.