Profiling PHP Applications


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Lots of profiling methods introduced, the only thing I was missing is a clear overview of all the options with pros and cons and how to choose the right one depending on your performance issue(s). For most options this was discussed only briefly and in not comparison to each other.
Learned some new things that I'm going to try out the next time I need to profile an app.

Great introduction to profiling.
Due to time only brief views of different applications. Though still covering all sections.

I've seen this talk multiple times and I find it always interesting.

it is a shame that the demos where not well prepared

I loved the hands-on feeling and the live demo's. Of course that always has a risk to it, but Derick's mastering of the situation showed that he realy knows what he's talking about. Well done!

I have learn a lot about debugging and logging, now i know what i have to do when my projects are slow. Nice job and thank you !

A very interesting talk. I wish I heard it earlier, could have saved me so much time. Another topic that needs investigation, will the learning ever end?

A good lecture, interesting speaker who knows his subject very well and is able to transfer his enthousiasm to the audience. Enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous at 00:01 on 16 Sep 2012

Somewhat.mixed feelings. On one side it was a very good and lively talk, on the other side the overall message became somewhat lost. There was too much for the alotted time. Maybe is focus on php only better.

Great talk, lot of information, but still clearly presented. The hands-on approach really helps getting things across. Maybe introducing a real life application that you will debug piece-by-piece will make the different options even more clear.

I fully disagree with another commenter above. Even the slightest change (such as rebooting) can mess up your demo. I think it is actually a big plus that you take this into account as well and even have prepared fallback slides!

I think this talk was great and informative. The demo did not go as smooth as planned but it was handled with grace and the fact that there were fallback slides in case of shows that the speaker was well prepared for the occasional demo-failure. Nicely done! I always prefer to have it hands-on, teaches me more and makes me see how I can actually do this in-real.

I learnt some things and - I always like learning new things, thanks! :D

Anonymous at 20:52 on 16 Sep 2012

An experienced speaker. Nice (sometimes funny) talk!

Quite interesting material, yet for a talk, I missed moments of looking ahead, looking back, summarizing what we've learned.

Interesting subject & presentation!

Nice live demo! And even more interesting was that you ran into some errors during the demo, and how you were able to solve those on the fly (and gave us background info about that).

Although your presentation is about "Profiling PHP Applications", maybe you could also briefly touch the subject about profiling the HTML/CSS output (with YSlow) because optimizing that can also make your webapplications faster...

Great talk with live demo's! Would have liked some more examples for when to use which profiling tool.