To SQL or No(t)SQL


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Nice overview, good, experienced speaker. Besides the well-structured talk I was really happy to see the about of background you put into it. I had a good time!

Anonymous at 20:41 on 15 Sep 2012

Nice talk Jeroen. Feedback:
- The title made me think it would be a presentation about the differences between SQL and NoSQL. But most of the time it was about NoSQL.

- I was also expecting some nice examples/implementations of each NoSQL type. Not only "It could be used for statistics/logging"

- The story about the ring(replication) was pretty boring. "From A to B as C goes down, D replicates" and so on...

- Furthermore, the frequency of "uhh" was a bit to high.

- Your presentation graphics/lay-out is very nice. You can see that you guys spent time on it!

Nice presentation, i didn't know that there where so much types of databases.
But i still don't know when i choose for SQL or NoSQL, the only thing you say is when you reach the limits on your SQL database but i think that is couldn't not be the only reason.
Thank you for your presentation.

Good speaker with a nice presentation, although a bit too much in-depth and too little use-case examples in my opinion.
The "average" level indicator did not fit this talk, especially if compared to the Varnish talk which was rated same level.

Anonymous at 21:50 on 15 Sep 2012

too much in-depth for me too.. would have appriciated more practical examples (with code)
and some more information about the pro and cons of choosing between a non SQL or SQL database..

Anonymous at 00:25 on 16 Sep 2012

Lot of information. However, the main question, when to sql and when not, stayed unanswered. Iat the end the talk became somewhat booring with too much detail.

Great talk though more examples would have been nice.

Liked the talk, got an idea when to use which type of NoSQL database.

The talk quality itself was good, but the title 'To SQL or to No(t)SQL' would imply that some real world benefits and use-cases of NoSQL would be highlighted. This was not the case. The presentation gave too much in-depth info without making a real-world application.

Would have been a really great presentation at a DB conf, but at PfCongres, I'd expect a more pragmatic approach.

Really liked the talk and how well-prepared the speaker was. Must be kinda intimidating to do you talk in front Derick! The speaker was very knowledgeable not only on the NoSQL types, but also on the theoretical backgrounds for developing these different types, which was quite interesting. I would however agree that a bit more hands on would have been nice (as long as you don't throw out too much of the current presentation!)

This talk was great and informative. Serves as a good introduction for the different solutions. The speaker seemed incredibly knowledgeable and well prepared. I did however feel that some use-case scenarios would really have lifted this talk to a 5-star rating.

The emphasis seemed to be more on introducing various nosql types than nosql vs. sql. I also think you could remove some of the in-depth info and add more examples of how to choose the right solution for real world scenarios, as that would probably be more useful to most people.

Still very interesting though, learned some new stuff!

I learned some interesting things from this talk, but mainly it was too abstract. I would have liked to see some PHP or query code in the slides (showing how to query the different kinds of databases). Neo4j got my attention, yet, displaying a graph structure did not show me why I would choose it for my application (though I now think I should ;)).

A very clear explanation about what is available in database land at the moment. I loved it. Also good presentation style imho.

Thanks for all the comments! Great input to work on my talk.

Great interesting overview of the different NoSQL types.

If you would have had more time, then showing examples of all the 4 different types of NoSQL databases would have been nice.