Treading the PHPath


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Great great great conclusion! Well brought with your personal experience.

Awesome talk which really gets you to selfreflect and look at the stuff you do (or don't do) in a different way.

Great talk on a very good topic! Really enjoyed it.

Great talk with good stuff for developers in all stages of their career. Well delivered as well.

A very inspiring talk. Presented with a lot of energy, it provided just the push I needed to get out of my comfortzone and start learning, sharing and contributing.
Thanks for that!

Just spoke to the nephews, they didnt like your talk ;)
Great speaker and great subject, hope it inspired many.

Very good and inspiring talk about the real thing: developers need to not only continuously learn but also sell themselves!

Great feel good talk with a funny speaker. I hope some people felt like they need to climb the pyramid a bit more, I sure do! :D

A good talk, but I felt you left out the freelancers a bit. I didn't really like the title of the talk, since it's very hard to deduce what the talk is actually about. Overal a well delivered talk. Keep up the good word, and maybe.. someday... you get accepted at a conference :p

Anonymous at 20:52 on 16 Sep 2012

An experienced speaker. Nice (sometimes funny) talk!

Thanks, Rafael, this was good and very enjoyable.

When I'm thinking again about the subject matter, there is a big problem with it. Placing yourself and others inside the pyramid you showed, could feel for the audience like you're saying "well done" to yourself and other developers who are in the "higher" (and thus better) regions of the pyramid, but at the same time "you're not even close" to others. I think many developers are doing their best to create good products, but don't spend a large amount of time (which usually means also money) giving talks, or contributing to open source projects. They would still need to feel good about themselves, and not have the feeling that they are not treading the path, or something.
Considering all this, you have actually done a very good job in not making this talk too judgemental.

Great talk. Nice to hear how a developer can promote him-/herself these days, to separate ourselves from the nephews and copy/paste people.
Important stuff!