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Awesome movie, too bad the intro was in Dutch though…

Nice opening! Agreed with Michelangelo, would be nice if it would have been in English.

Anonymous at 21:16 on 14 Sep 2013

Nice movie, opening should be in english especially if you give information about how and when things are organized at the conference.

Anonymous at 23:48 on 14 Sep 2013

Movie was fantastic!! Practical information only in Dutch left some people confused.

I rate 5 stars for the movie, but only 1 star for the speaking as I couldn't understand it. I would only suggest that if you want to have the opening in Dutch (and why shouldn't you, it's a Dutch conference!), you should in English tell attendees where the toilets are, where the tracks are etc.

Really cool video on the (tutorial) day before!

Good opening video, then lost the plot - needed at least a small amount in English - I still have no idea where the Unconf room was!

The video was excellent! Amazing to see an edited video of the day before - extra browny points to the video guys.
But I do feel conflicted about the dutch intro.. mostly dutch visitors, an unknown number of which may not speak english - a handful of visitors who don't speak dutch. But then there's the speakers...
Perhaps a dual language intro/outro would do better?

I was very surprised to see the intro in Dutch, without even the housekeeping information given in English. As the first speaker to take the stage, it was very weird to not realise they had finished talking and it was my turn.

We realised the opening in just Dutch was not the way to go, only afterwards. We fixed that in the closing ;-)

Thanks for all the comments, we will do better next year :-)