"Orcs 'n' All": A Journey to Mount Doom (via Facebook)


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Nice talk, good to hear some experiences with Facebook game design.

I had to adjust a little to the accent, but luckily this only took about a minute :) great talk! Nice to hear other company experiences!

Always interesting to hear the lessons learned during a project!

Fun talk Gary! This is something different than others did and a non-tech talk is always good to have during a conference like this.

Personally I liked to hear the "story of failure" as you can learn a lot from faults (from yourself or others).

Anonymous at 21:20 on 14 Sep 2013

Fun talk, nice to have a talk about something else (non-technical). Some more practical advise that could be used in daily life would be great.

Anonymous at 23:51 on 14 Sep 2013

Entertaining talk showing that yes - You can make something awesome, but in the end it's the users opinions that matter more if you actually want to earn money. Going against your own principles is a bold move. Loved the story :)

Although I have no interest in developing facebook apps, this was a great talk about what to do and not to do when going for it. Very well brought!

Great to hear the stories and successes and failures, something for everyone in this talk, including how not to do UX ;) Well delivered, good measured pace, enjoyed the talk, despite the (slightly) corny LoTR references.

Nice talk, always nice to hear how it all get together.

I think Gary Hockin is a fun and entertaining speaker to listen to, but the subject material wasn't for me I guess.. I've seen too much "people are suckers" type of doing business for my taste.

Fun and entertaining talk, good examples how not to do your UX but above all a very interesting story.

I was not in time for the beginning of the talk, but from what I could get, it was very inspiring and entertaining. I felt very identified by your history, similar experiences, the bad and the good part.

Really enjoyed this talk. Kind of uncensored, especially when it came down to the pricing of items and people instantly buying the most expensive item, which felt like Gary was telling what I was thinking.

I enjoyed the story and for me the highlight was the list of things you learned, this would have made a great punchline! Don't be afraid to speak a bit slower, your accent isn't a problem but a more measured pace would help those who don't use Welsh English on a daily basis to "tune in"

You seem like a natural at this. Although I doubt that a lot of geeks want to see this kind of information presented, for me it was the best and most inspiring talk of the day! Thanks a lot, great job!