Productivity and the Pomodoro Technique


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Great talk! Very useful tips on how the brain works and being more productive!

Wish you could have talked longer about this. Really interesting and definitely conference material! Well presented as well. Loved your slides!

Nice talk! Very useful to see some of the tools used to stay in focus en be more productive!

Nice topic, will definitely try it out.
Maybe include a slide about flow and how long it takes to get back there after an interruption.

Really nice talk and topic. I'm definitely going to look into this further!

I heard it was your first talk but it was really nice! Keep up the good talks and probably i will see you again!

Good subject, explained well. I never realised this was your first talk.. was it really? You have a calm and relaxed way of speaking , with good humor. Your slides where also excellent!

Interesting subject, well presented. I'll certainly try some of the techniques you talked about.