Your REST API: 10 things you are doing wrong


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Joshua talked a lot about REST and fortunately not only about "the right way"! The history behind REST and the characteristics were fun to hear too. What I got from the presentation is a better understanding of the backgrounds of concepts like HATEOAS and hypermedia.

Another thing that was very clear is that REST sounds simple, but is eventually quite difficult to implement correctly. On the other hand, there is not always the need to be fully RESTfull, as simple HTTP/RPC. In short: a good talk!

Liked the talk very much, although I'm not new to REST and all the stuff nobody actually implements, I still learned new stuff.

A good introduction to REST for someone who has never really gotten into it.

Anonymous at 21:25 on 14 Sep 2013

Great talk, love to get some more in depth info. Really someone who has some deep knowledge about REST. Helps to learn something more about the background of REST/HTTP/HATEOAS.

One tip; Please adjust your talk to the time you have. Just starting with 10 items knowing you can't talk about all of them feels a bit sloppy.

Anonymous at 23:58 on 14 Sep 2013

Nice Talk! zeker handig om ik ook zelf een "RestAPi"..
Dit wordt een "voorbeeld" hoe je een rest api maakt.. (feedback PLZ mee werken aan het project is ook welkom!!)

Ik moet alleen de rest van de slides nog bekijken ;)

Excellent in-depth talk about REST, suitable for anyone - whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert, you'll learn something from this.

A nice introduction to REST/HTTP/RESTful and some of the common misunderstandings.
I would have liked the first half of the talk about the history of REST to be a lot shorter: although it does provide a nice understanding of the concepts I found it way too long for the 45-50 minutes.
It did feel like there just wasn't enough time for the more interesting second part of the talk, the part I expected going on the title..

To bad there wasn't enough time to go over all 10 things. It was a great and insightful talk nevertheless. Learned a lot!

Very nice talk about REST services and the other different services unfortunately there was not enough time for your whole tal.

Very good talk on the background of REST and a lot of practical information on how to implement a REST API.

Just a pity that there was way too little time to go through all of the material.

Keep up the good work, Joshua!

Great talk on the background details of REST but would have loved to see more of the talk.