10 attended
Hosts: Jelrik van Hal, Jaap van Otterdijk
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The PFZ.nl Workshopday offers the members of PFZ.nl association a wide variety of topics. By applying what you've learnt immediately, it'll stick to you much better. This year, we offer 7 3h hands on workshops.

Want to dive (deeper) into Linux system administration? Try the beginners and advanced workshop by Joshua.
Interested in GIT, Symfony forms and their validation, Dependency Injection, Regular expressions or are you new to PHP and are you looking for a helping hand? You will find what you need at the PFZ.nl Workshopday, 13 Nov in Utrecht, NL.

PFZ.nl association membership is only € 10/y and for the rest of 2010, we only charge € 5. Subscriptions for the workshopday close Thu 11 Nov, 20:00 CET.