Using Beanstalkd to spread the work of your PHP application


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Nice introduction to beanstalkd. Shame about the mail demo, but the AWS demo that worked was more interesting for me anyway :p. I'll probably give beanstalkd a try in the near future.

nice talk, i would have liked some more comparison between beanstalkd and gearmand, pointing out some benefits vs gearmand

Well rounded beanstalkd introduction. Maybe elaborate a bit more on the differences to other message queue solutions.

An excellent introduction to beanstalkd, looking forward to using it...

Great talks and lots of potential for future talks.

Interesting topic that was nicely summarized. A lot of pro's & con's and enough practical examples.

I look at this from a speaker's point of view and I like what I see. Given the fact that this is Andrew's first real international talk, this was a job well done.

A couple of pointers for future presentations:

- Focus a bit more on the visual aspect of your slides
- Don't fill you slides up with text and bullet points, try to represent 1 idea per slide
- Don't play with your bottle of water so much

I also liked the humor and the confidence. I see a real future for Andrew in the conference scene. Please submit to #phpbnl14 ;-)

The speaker presented clearly and with well defined concepts.
The demonstrations provided insight and a new way of thinking about common problems.
Questions were answered with humor and clarity.

I have left this talk with a well rounded view of Beanstalkd and based on feedback gathered from fellow audience members so have many others.

Thank you!

Great talk and the live demo was nice!

Good talk. Nice overview of the subject matter and some potential use cases.

Thijs commented better on the presentation style than i could so I'll just leave it at that.

Really enjoyable and informative talk about a hot topic. Andrew claims not to be a PHP developer but communicated really well with this audience, telling a clear story and showing some live demos (one didn't work but he handled that situation absolutely perfectly, gave it one more try and then moved on without it). He apologised for his strong accent but spoke clearly and well. I would echo the other comments about slides, I'd have liked less content on slides (spread it out over more slides if there are things you think we should see), and maybe more diagrams on how things communicate when they're federated. All in all, good job!