We couldn't find any speakers for the meetup in time...

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Testing your Laravel API with Apiary and Dredd
Talk by Dries Vints (20 minutes)

In this short presentation I'm going to show you how you can set up a specification for your api with API Blueprint and validate that specification against your Laravel app using Dredd & Apiary.

GoPHPer: A guide to Go for PHP developers
Talk by Frederick Vanbrabant (30 minutes)

Coming soon

Monitoring uptime with Laravel
Talk by Freek Van der Herten (20 minutes)

Last year Spatie released a package called laravel-uptime-monitor. This powerful piece of software can check the health of hundreds of sites in a few seconds. Not only the uptime can be checked but also if there's a valid ssl certificate installed. Unlike the alternatives, the package is absolutely free no matter how many sites you wish to monitor. In this talk I'll give you an overview of the package. You also learn how to install it from scratch. After that we'll walk through the code and discuss some tricks that we used to automatically test the package.