PHP Under the Hood


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Anonymous at 16:32 on 12 Mar 2015

Great work giving us the nuts and bolts of PHP in C. I appreciate the hard work that obviously went into it

Given the devil is in the detail, I'd appreciate pausing at the end of slides for a bit longer, so we can catch up, before going on to the next slide.

An engaging and intellectually stimulating talk, that was captivating even though the closed out the day.

Great to hear such a meaty talk. Good stuff.

Anonymous at 17:51 on 12 Mar 2015

Informative with great examples and demo.

Anonymous at 19:03 on 12 Mar 2015

Interesting but not very practical.

Anonymous at 19:42 on 12 Mar 2015

This was a really good deep-dive, without too much preamble. Straight to the point. Thanks alot, Davey!

Anonymous at 23:24 on 12 Mar 2015

Great talk. Always good to learn more about the language and how it all works 'under the hood'. Found the VLD illustrations to be of much help and a nice range of examples were covered to give a thorough understanding. Would be good to get some more information on performance factors not directly linked to tokens (e.g. 'hello' and "hello" compiles the same opcodes BUT time is lost checking "hello" for variables. Would be good to get some examples where the opcodes might be the same but the steps to determine this may still require different amounts of overhead - if that makes sense/is written correctly...)

Anonymous at 09:04 on 13 Mar 2015

Very intellectual talk, however it was hard for me to see what i could take away from the talk

A really engaging and clear presentation of the underlying processes that occur during PHP execution. I really enjoyed this. Thanks Davey!

Davey was a very engaging and entertaining talker, and despite the fact that he was delving into some complex concepts, it was easy to follow and rather satisfying. Almost made me want to develop in C again. Almost.

Made a complex topic very easy to follow. Great examples and very entertaining. Thanks.

Great analysis of generated opcode. You made a great argument against focussing too much on micro-optimisations. However, i felt the point could have been made in two or three sentences and it would have been more beneficial to go more into the remaining parts of the process to get a complete picture.