Talk comments

Excellent talk to get your attention in the end of the day. It is possible to add few advices especially when working with non technical audience (PMs, sales). "Test more" number plate gets an extra star!

Clear delivery. Good slides. Especially clear presentation of code snippets! Nice.
The key take away for me was Golden rule #3 - If you don't need a response, don't wait for one.

Last talk at the end of a full day is a tough slot!
The big idea I took away from this was about rethinking the value of the diversity of the PHP ecosystem. There are a lot of frameworks out there - we can all learn from them by looking at the way they've each solved common problems. Look at the code.

Strong and engaging presentation style with a good slide deck.
I was worried it might be just another a product pitch - but this really focussed on the why and how monitoring fits in the development and production world, and how it it can make real scalability possible, regardless of the particular tool being used.

Presenting from a live terminal is gutsy!
Watching the audience hack the presentation live was both amusing and frustrating.
Unfortunately, most of the content of this talk went over my head, but Sven has an engaging delivery style, so I didn't mind, and did come away with a little more insight about Docker - In particular, the power of how ephemeral containers can be, and that it's not as new and shiny an idea as everyone likes to make out.

Good slides, Good style, Good content.
Came away with better appreciation for testing, and strong "NO EXCUSES" message.

I loved the way Josh and Josh presented together - asking each other questions and commenting on different elements they were presenting. It was also really refreshing to have a real world example as the foundation of the talk. This made it much more useful than a simple product pitch might have been.

I really enjoyed hearing about the history of PHP, finally understanding what happened to PHP6 and was left with a sense of anticipation of What PHP7 is going to mean for us all as it rolls out into production around the world.
Thanks Zeev, your engaging presentation technique kept me focussed and listening!

on Keynote

Really good talk!
Engaging focussed delivery with useful content! I had a lightbulb moment about how API's can be used, and how DreamFactory facilitates that.

Max Snow at 19:54 on 15 Apr 2016

The information in this talk is quite basic, and I feel like it's outdated in terms of it's usefulness, and in some cases, relevance.