Laravel is an amazing framework that allows you to rapidly create quality applications. If you've never worked with Laravel before, and are interested to know what the fuzz is all about, this is the talk for you.

In this beginner level talk you'll learn how Laravel makes your job easy. We'll go over the stuff that makes Laravel shine like it's expressive routing system, the easy to learn Eloquent ORM, the powerful command line tools, the scheduler, the built-in testing facilities and much more.


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Mihail Irintchev at 21:03 on 3 Nov 2017

Excellent intro talk for laravel newcomers like me. Show basics plus a lot of helper tools that would make your life much easier.

Morten Bergset at 21:39 on 3 Nov 2017

Excellent talk by Freek. I’ve been using Laravel for quite some time, but there is always something to learn, and Freek does an excellent job at demonstrating just how easy and rapid programming in Laravel is :-)

Wow! Great talk.
You are amazing Freek. You can tell interesting about something as trivial as the first steps.