Opening Keynote


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Well, obviously as a fairly recently addition to the PHP community, it was great to hear from the guy that got it all started. It blew me away how intelligent Rasmus was! But he was able to present his information in a way that wasn't completely terrifying for fairly recent users. Great job!

It's always good to hear from the originator of the tool with comments on how to use the tool properly. Great speaker, great info.

Lots of info and mention of optimization techniques, etc. from the lips of the "creator."

Great to finally hear a talk from Rasmus himself after all my years using what he kicked off.

A very dense talk, without being pedantic. It will take me several weeks to follow up on all the ideas and tools mentioned in this talk.

Great talk....lots of good info that I found a ton of value in. Lots of low hanging fruit that will allow us to get more performance out of our PHP applications.

Anonymous at 07:11 on 25 Apr 2011

Informative talk but it seems that Rasmus has rehashed the same content he's given at most every conference for the last several years. Rasmus is an awesome speaker and I'm sure an awesome guy, I just wished for a little more.