XHProf and WonderProxy


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Excellent and informative stories from Paul about his projects: WonderProxy and XHGui. Using a story format really allowed him to shine when speaking about problems, execution, mistakes, and successes. His delivery was relaxed, humorous, and engaging. Well done.

It's great to hear from someone in a technical role who is also cognizant of how his technical decisions affect the environment at large. Yay Canada :)

Paul's talk was very informative and, thanks to his engaging and informal speaking style, entertaining as well. I liked that he used specific examples to illustrate the successes and challenges he encountered while building WonderProxy, and his stories and jokes added a healthy dose of laughter to the conversation. It was helpful that instead of just focusing on the technical aspect, he also shared takeaways related to good business practices, like the importance of following up with clients to build strong relationships with them or developing more content to educate clients on how to use the service effectively.

Great job, Paul!

Wow. Planning to start using xhprof asap. Canadiens do cool things.

Very cool talk...funny and engaging - and a cool look at an evolution from idea into profitable startup and a utility that makes it into Rasmus' keynote. But I'm pissed Paul didn't bring enough maple syrup for everyone = *(

Thanks for stealing all my attendees, dickhead

This was a great session. I love the fact that finally someone is celebrating the things they did wrong. If you aren't doing things wrong, you will never do things right. Good job Paul!

Paul, I would have given you 5 stars had it not been for the fact that you broke a liquor bottle in one of your stories, so I had to detract a star for alcohol abuse(retracted the loss of the point for bribery).