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Come and speak at PHP Days co-organized with OSI Days which will be held in Bangalore, India on 20-21 November 2011. This year will be 8th edition of OSI Days. This special conference is designed to bring focused attention to PHP. The last day of submission is June 20, 2011. This edition of PHP Days | OSI Days will have special focus on:

* Enterprise and Professional PHP

* Quality Management in PHP

* PHP in Cloud

Submit a proposal now! http://goo.gl/O33TG

We invite you to submit a proposal on one of the topics below:

* PHP Security

* Mobile Development in PHP

* Cloud Computing and PHP

* Enterprise Application Development

* Tools & Best Practices

* Quality Management in PHP

* Real World Case Studies focusing on PHP Architecture

* Frameworks

* Standard Compliance

* Database and PHP

Types of Presentation

* 45 minute Session

* 45 minute Panel Discussion

* Half Day tutorial / workshop

* Full Day tutorial / workshop

Your proposals should

* Free of Marketing talks / self promotion / company promotion: Please speak about ideas/ technology/ business and not about yourself or your company. Talk about Open Source Projects/ Products and not strictly commercial closed source products.

* Clearly identify your target audience and what are the pre-requisites while submitting the proposal

* Have a clear title and limit the scope of your proposal to something specific rather than trying to cover too much

Speaker Benefits

OSI Days offers its speakers tremendous opportunities for exposure and recognition as an industry leader. Your session will attract many technical & Business professionals interested in learning from your example, expertise and experience. In appreciation of your contributions as a Conference Speaker, we provide the following benefits:

* Highest Level Access to All tracks at OSI Days

* Colleague Discount

* Extensive Exposure and Coverage

* Opportunity to get featured in LFY (India’s most popular Open Source Magazine)

* Video Interview & Session’s Video Recording

* Complimentary hotel room for 1 night and will receive an additional complimentary night for each presentation or tutorial given (Maximum of 5 Nights)

* Limited Airfare Reimbursements (On Requests – Upto USD 250 within South Asia, USD 800 for Europe & USD 1250 for North America)

* Complimentary One Day Bangalore Tour

* Tentative tour to a large BPO and Software House. This will be a unique exposure on how large scale BPO and software companies are operating in India

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