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Claudio at 13:36 on 24 Sep 2018

A very enjoyable conference and well organized by the team. Even though the pamphlet said "we are not professional conference organizers", there was hardly any proof of that. I guess it even surpassed some conferences in human-releated details.

The catering was top and everyone was able to find something that was fitting their taste.
The organizers were everywhere and always reachable in case of further questions.

The second speaker room was kind of small and it took some time to find the right door, but this problem was easy to fix by talking to other participants. And communication is a very important part of a conference. :-)

Marcel Lamm at 12:21 on 24 Sep 2018

Great conference, thanks for organizing. In case of venue-quality you could probably scale back down a bit (I imagine it being pricey, being reflected in ticket prices). 2nd room for talks was probably a bit too small and not much seating in there. Catering wise was high quality, however, I would prefer for food being around longer and therefore better accessible, also, no club-mate (but I guess you were forced to use their catering).

That's for the personal preferences, thank you, keep it going!

Great conference, I do like the dedication of the team to make sure the attendees have a great experience. The venue was nice and easy to reach. Having sponsors in the main room probably wasn't a good idea as it was too loud sometimes during the talks but other than that, everything was fine.

Bonus points for letting me jump in as a replacement speaker ;)