Peter Ruczynski: Clean Code

Clean code does not just mean making your code look tidy and neat. This brief talk aims to show you some techniques which will help you to improve your code so that it is easier to read, easier to maintain, easier to debug, easier to test and easier for others to work on.

Jonathan Ginn: Taming Wordpress Theming with Twig & Timber

Fed up with Wordpress' templating system or feel like it could be so much better? Timber is the answer.

Timber turns Wordpress into a logical system of templates and views, gifting you the full power of Twig (and more) to turn your Wordpress theme into a powerful system of controllers and views, with sensible, reusable code. Whether you're a front-end dev or back-end dev, Timber is sure to make you love Wordpress again.

Jon will run through the basics of Twig as a templating system and show the advanced opportunities for Wordpress developers that Timber offers.

Jon is a 'Developer Evangelist' at Base, splitting his time between front-end dev and running digital events in the Dorset area.