Talk comments

Anonymous at 18:50 on 20 Sep 2015

Great talk! I would recommend it even if you think you already know practices of defensive programming. Marco presents them in such a interesting way.

Anonymous at 18:41 on 20 Sep 2015

Excellent talk. Perfectly explained and understandable even if you haven't had any experience with HHVM or PHP extensions.

Some great concepts made simple, lots of food for thought in my every day work!

Excellent intro to extension writing in HHVM, unfortunately missed the start, but great to see how hhvm is working and a cool demo with opengl

Extremely satisfied with the contents of this talk.

Even though I work side-by-side with this guy every day, he managed to pull up and explain an impressive amount of knowledge about HHVM during the talk: so much that I would probably never have been able to get by asking myself.

Absolutely a "must watch" if you are interested in how low-level extensions work in HHVM.

A really great talk on how you can write HHVM extensions in PHP, with the tiniest of C++ boilerplate.

It even includes a bit on how you can do your extension in C++, then use the PHP to link the code into userland.

Even if you're new to HHVM or a seasoned HHVM/PHP developer, you'll find something awesome in this talk. Or something to pick holes at. (Discussion isn't a bad thing!)

Always a great talk, filled with useful advice. This is a must-see talk if you ever get the opportunity.