Talk comments

Ken Guest at 13:34 on 25 Aug 2017

Very well done, I can only imagine the courage need to talk about such personal things; couldn't have thought it possible but my admiration and respect for Mark has appreciated :-)

Ken Guest at 13:30 on 25 Aug 2017

Great talk - hopefully we can get the code coverage for php's own unit tests up nicely! Who knows, maybe get rid of all that red ;-)

Very good talk on the rare but so actual topic. I really appreciate the courage and desire to help people behind the talk. The developer's community needs more talks like this to dilute the nerdish focus on pure technology :). The life and developers profession is not limited to whats happening on the screen, vice versa, it's more about whats happening in front of the screen :)

Amazing talk. Informative and simple, just how it should be. And what is the most important - the talk really inspired to participate in PHPTestFest and contribute more to open source in general!

Anonymous at 08:53 on 25 Aug 2017

Really great talk!