Although the cost of loT hardware has reduced
dramatically over the last few years, you still need to
choose the right loT option, figure out what
accessories it needs, order it all from Amazon and
wait for it to arrive. By that point, you've moved on to
something else entirely, so it sits in a cupboard
drawer for a year and a half before you get back
around to thinking about it.... Then you realize that
you need some components and wires... Back in the
drawer, it goes!

With the advent of HTML 5, so comes the ability to
simulate a lot of loT Kit right there in your web
browser. Pete Gallagher will take you through a few
online simulators for loT technology, which will give
you a head start into the world of loT. This way you
can forgo all the procrastinating, and get to
(virtually) creating!


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