The days of a "simple" LAMP stack are behind us. We now rely on different types of technologies, applications and services to run our web based applications. With "the cloud" we have learned how to distribute our operations, but are we resilient when these cloud services are not available? We have all heard about the major outages of Amazon and Azure in the past and many online services were impacted by those outages. So how can you protect yourself against being "offline" for hours or days and what are the tools you can use to protect yourself against it? Learn how we protect our customers with distributed systems (cloud and on-prem) to mitigate outages and stay online even when the lights go out.


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Awesome content!

Danilo Lima at 10:33 on 29 Mar 2017

Brilliant talk.

Rafael Reis at 12:04 on 29 Mar 2017


Great talk! Loved the theme of the best movie ever :D

I must honestly say that most of this presentation was way over from my experience, but using references from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (mostly regarding The Ugly part) was amazing!

Awesome content!

Greate lecture.