Talk comments

Junior Grossi at 15:38 on 12 Mar 2018

Danie is a very experienced developer, mainly with queues. I discovered interesting features about RabbitMQ I never imagined before. He gave us great example about scaling and how you can do more with less.

Junior Grossi at 15:36 on 12 Mar 2018

Great talk. The presented concepts were very updated and interesting. If you don't know the Twelve-Factor App you should attend this talk or even get the slides. It worth the time spent.

Junior Grossi at 15:35 on 12 Mar 2018

Great talk. I liked the examples and how the talk was structured. The speaker clearly could share his experience with us, using very interesting techniques for that.

Junior Grossi at 15:34 on 12 Mar 2018

One of the best talks I attended. The speaker not only gave us really valuable examples but also explained detailed a real case of refactoring. Very useful and inspirational.

Junior Grossi at 15:33 on 12 Mar 2018

The content was good. I couldn't understand some parts but in general, the content was great. I think maybe the speaker could be more comfortable, speaking clearly and interacting more with the audience.

Junior Grossi at 15:30 on 12 Mar 2018

The talk was amazing. Marcelo knew how to share your experience, using great examples and showing us how things happen behind the scenes. I really enjoyed his talk.

Junior Grossi at 15:29 on 12 Mar 2018

It was a very useful talk for me, understanding more about the blockchain technology and how it can be used not only in the crypto world but how it can solve a lot of problems we have nowadays. Inspirational.

Junior Grossi at 15:25 on 12 Mar 2018

Very interesting talk. It joins many great technologies to build something useful, and totally extensible. I'm gonna use it and create some interesting tiles.

Good, clear speak and relevant content.