Building your API with Apiary & Dredd

Building API's often involves writing tests which are directly bound to the codebase of the API. Besides writing tests you also want to provide a thorough and up-to-date documentation of your API for your users or developers. Keeping your API in sync with your documentation can be a tedious thing. Apiary & Dredd can help you solve these problems. In this live-coding talk you will learn how to leverage Dredd to test your API against a Blueprint specification instead of using tests. After that we're going to see how we can use Apiary to provide public and constantly up-to-date documentation for your users and developers. We'll take a closer look at Dredd hooks and Blueprint to see how we can use it to its max. potential. Eventually we'll integrate all of this in a continuous integration workflow so we can automate the process altogether. To wrap it up we'll check into some extra features Apiary offers to build your API.

By Dries Vints, lead developer at Beatswitch

Adding focus to your models

Remember when they told us to have skinny controllers and fat models? What about service classes? Do you remember a time before that?In this talk we'll go through a bit of history and I'll show how you can improve your models by making them more focused on what really matters.

Warning: may contain small tangents on Value Objects and CQRS.

By Jonas Drieghe, Software Engineer at madewithlove