Talk comments

I enjoyed this talk; some of the principles could be used at the higher levels of PHP coding - or any other language for that matter.

Anonymous at 08:59 on 10 Jul 2014

A subject that could easily have resulted in a dry, technical talk, but Davey uses the output of VLD to explain what is happening behind the scenes of some common simple code examples, in a way that makes it simple to understand.

It dispels some performance myths and shows that in most cases it isn't best use of your time to worry about micro optimisations.

Great to have Davey come and visit us, albeit virtually, at PHP Hampshire.

Great talk, learnt a lot and did great keeping peoples attention via a remote presentation. Would like to see more from Davey!

The accent was awsome!

Very interesting talk, I think a lot of people took things away from this. I knew a lot of how zval works and the micro optimisations and things, but was great learning about VLD as I've not actually seen that before, so that's something I'm going to have a play with for sure!

It was a bit odd not having Davey physically present to speak, but obviously it is prohibitive to do that. I think it's fantastic that Engine Yard also sent us the t-shirts, which went down well :) !

Overall a great talk, so thanks!