Talk comments

This wasn't what I was expecting, which is good because the white hat/black hat meta tag etc SEO is often mentioned in html books and tutorials. The star ratings and images, like James said, was something new to me as well.

Thanks very much.

I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights up there, so I am glad my content did not suffer.

Thought this was really well done and real interestingly structured.

Content wasn't for me to be entirely honest but Kimberley kept my interest though the whole thing which is probably a good sign!

Good, confident delivery. Was a little brief, but it introduced something new to me (how to get star ratings and images and things onto Google search results). Thanks Rebecca!

It's great that Kimberley has shown us the basics of Object Oriented Programming and the syntax involved. This was a great taster for the beginners in OO PHP. Thanks for sharing your learning with us! :)