Talk comments

Great talk - a good amount of detail, presented in a way that even beginners could understand. Got a bit confused at one point, I think Richard lost his way, but that was really the only negative I could find. Overall, enjoyable, well presented, good pace. Looking forward to seeing more talks from Richard!

Lee Boynton at 12:12 on 15 May 2016

Very well delivered talk, Richard maintained a good rhythm making it quite easy to follow, on the whole.

I thought talk gave a good and clear explanation of the differences between the different types of test doubles. I wasn't actually expecting as much detail on this given the title of the talk doesn't mention it. Nevertheless I was glad that this detail was given, and the amount of detail given could probably be changed depending on the audience if it was delivered again in the future.

Some clear differences between PHPUnit and Prophecy mock objects were given, which was useful to know having not used Prophecy in anger.

One area which made need looking at is the amount of code examples, which may have been a bit too much as it became quite a lot to take in. Some better titles on the slides might also help to identify the content, as it looked like you got a little bit lost towards the end when trying to remember what the slide was intended for.

All in all, an enjoyable talk. Thanks Richard.