Talk comments

This was a good talk, I found the examples of real life security issues that have taken place such as at Ashley Madison were good for highlighting the importance of following these preventative measures. It is also good to be reminded of security best practices.

My one minor suggestion would be to reduce the amount of text on the slides slightly so that people are listening more and reading less.

Thanks for speaking at PHPHants Katy!

Anonymous at 11:52 on 15 Oct 2015

I really enjoyed this talk. It is a critically important area and although I have heard a number of presentations on the subject it is always worth having a refresher from a knowledgable speaker.

I thought that the way that the vulnerabilities and controls were introduced was very effective.

You seemed a little nervous towards the end, perhaps that material was less familiar?

One useful addition might be how one might go about finding help in auditing/testing an application, that is, what to look for when choosing a security/penetration testing partner.