HTTP/2 and Asynchronous APIs


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Dale at 14:35 on 1 Oct 2015

Great topic. Very well explained.

Anonymous at 10:14 on 2 Oct 2015

Very interesting talk

Exciting stuff coming.

My jaw dropped around 05:00 into the talk and I didn't lift it until the end.
The way Davie approached HTTP/2 it made it made sense to me in a way that all of the countless articles I've read on the topic doesn't.
I really appreciated his straightforward implementations and examples.
Cool talk Davie, thanks a lot!

Davey is definately passionate about what he talks about and that makes it really easy to listen to him and buy in to what he is saying.

I am really looking forward to HTTP/2

A phenomenal speaker, and so knowledgeable it's scary. Just makes me want this new tech now :(