PHP: Under The Hood


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Definitely the best talk of the whole conference

This talk was really informative and interesting. Know that I know how PHP works in the background, I can write much more efficient code. Thanks for the great talk.

Third talk of the conference and it looked like his first, very impressive indeed.

Well presented examples to explain what i can only believe would be crazy complicated to try figure out on our own. It was well explained to make it easy to take in.

Again the slides and their flow was very appropriate for the talk / the crowd spoken to.

Dale at 15:51 on 2 Oct 2015

Awesome breakdown of what we are actually making the interpreter do. Very informative! Great talk!

Managed to explain internal operations happening in PHP quite well. He brought accross the message very well. Great talk indeed!

Prior to this talk I had many misgivings about what kind of language PHP is and how it is run. After learning about OpCache and reading up on the development of PHP, I'd love to hear the speaker's opinion on how Zend2 has affected the nature of the language, pthread (that guy seems angry with people who use pthread and pthread itself :p), and will PHP eventually be able to be fully used for the cases that compiled languages are used for? This talk indirectly led to many of my questions being answered. I hope the speaker comes back next year so I can hear their opinion on this *controversial* topic.

I'm sure you already know this but I just wanted to comment on irony/humor/inconsistency of ++i and i++ being the same in PHP whereas in c++ there's a difference... but I suppose it makes sense considering zval. I just thought it funny since c++ is closer to PHP than c is... anyway... great talk!

Excellent, too smart for words, great speaker, makes complex content interesting. Perhaps focusing a bit more on differences the code makes to their opcodes would help the audience keep up and internalize what's happening, and relate it to their everyday work.