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Host: Bart Reunes
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Discover the awesome world of CMS!

In the previous workshop of the Web Development Track, you have learned how you can easily build a small application in a simple framework. In this workshop, we will do something completely different: we discover the world of Content Management Systems. With a CMS, it is a piece of cake to build a complete website!

In this workshop, we will focus specifically on Drupal, one of the best known Content Management Systems. PHP Leuven will take care of you in this workshop. They will help you to become a master of Drupal. After this workshop, you won’t hear anyone saying: “Building a website? I don’t even think about it, much too difficult!”

You will be rewarded after this interactive workshop with fresh beer and crispy chips! See you there!

Remember: if you attend all the workshops of the Web Development Track, you will get an official certificate on LinkedIn at the end of the track!