PSR-7 HTTP messages in the wild

PSR-7 describes common interfaces for representing HTTP messages. HTTP messages are the foundation of web development. Web browsers and HTTP clients such as cURL create HTTP request messages that are sent to a web server, which provides an HTTP response message. Server-side code receives an HTTP request message, and returns an HTTP response message. Hannes Van De Vreken (madewithlove) will talk about the impact of PSR-7 on the way frameworks implement these messages, and give a few live examples.

HTTP/2, the SPDY alternative for nineties power

The HTTP/2 protocol is the successor to HTTP/1.1, which is currently powering the web. What changes does HTTP/2 bring? What do you need to know as a developer to make full use of HTTP/2? Mattias Geniar (Nucleus) will give an overview of the powers of HTTP/2 and what it means in our every day PHP life.

Open mic

If anyone wants to share some of their own knowledge afterwards, feel free to take the mic yourself after our announced speakers - we'd love to hear from you!