Hubot: The hubber that never sleeps.


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Don't worrytoo much about the rushing; your talk was excellent. Hubot is really cool and I'm going to take a closer look!

Excellent talk, good points, very informative and insightful.

Sam's a funny guy so his humor and funny stories throughout made the talk excellent despite being short.

Perhaps next time each of the commands should be more in-depth to pad it out between going through commands.

Can I suggest showing more examples specific to PHP developers, such as jenkins integration, and integration with more PHP used utilities.

To prevent the fact that the talk was really short you could have added some 'real' screenshots about Hubot. It doesn't have to be the real deal as in the Github situation, just make it anonymous if possible. Because I expected some of this based on your abstract.

I think it would be beneficial to the cool subject.

Still, thanks for the talk, because I will definitely take a closer look at Hubot now.

Good talk, but could have benefitted from some examples in the wild, even if it needed to be in a sandboxed environment to avoid leaking company secrets!