Service Orientated Architecture for robust and scalable systems


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Ole is an enthusiastic speaker who clearly loves his work and has a passion for the subject. I learned a little history of SOA and AWS from this, and I remember the 3 takeaways! Timeouts, HTTP and.. no wait I forgot one.

So looking back through the slides, it's clear this talk had a very broad scope, and I think it might benefit from a little more focus as I found it difficult to absorb all the information!

Also, Ole's great enthusiasm might have resulted in a bit of a shotgun delivery style (this might also be a language barrier thing) with anecdotes and humorous asides peppered between the content. I think a little more consideration on the flow of the talk would really help out here and maybe some practice with fitting the anecdotal stuff in.

All in all I still enjoyed the talk as an introduction to some of the techniques used in SOA and an overview of how it might benefit your organisation and structure of your service, and it also highlighted some important caveats to watch out for. Good work Ole!

Good talk, and good to see one on architecture that discusses more than just software. Architecture is very broad-reaching and by necessity this talk only scratched the surface of some of the topics, but did so in an engaging way. Perhaps the title could be changed to more reflect the style of delivery, as the name feels a little dry :-)

Anonymous at 15:59 on 27 Mar 2014

Thanks for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. Changing the title really might be a good idea. :)