Social Event: Dinner & Drinks at Revolution Deansgate (Saturday)


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DRINKING that there will be


Anonymous at 20:47 on 22 Nov 2008

Wish I could have stayed longer!

Good stuff all round!

Free bar, Wiis and cloakroom gladly appreciated. Loud irrelevant music a little unnecessary and meant you couldn't hear the sound on the Wiis. Shame the area couldn't have stayed private after 10pm but I appreciate that would not have been cheap and half the people had left by then anyway.

Enjoyed the Food, it was really really tasty :-)

Anonymous at 14:52 on 23 Nov 2008

Great finish to the day.
I'm sure I owe Jeremy a drink now though

The food was too spicy (but that was fixed on the night). The music was a bit too loud. Free drinks very appreciated ;)

Having two Wii's there was even better than one. I played some nice races, was quite fun. All around good time.

Nice food. Free drinks were good :) Music was too loud, though.

Great wrap up to the conference.