Getting a website out of the door


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Excellent talk. You made the boring topics of project management less boring. Lots of really practical tips, which is very nice, because they can immediately be applied.

A good intro on project mgt. Nice one Rob.

Awesome talk about a subject that's avoided by many ! I admire your courage for doing this.

I enjoyed your presentation and learning more about the project management side of things. Very well structured and insightful!

a good talk with some good general insights into PM techniques. Unfortunately, the company I work for uses almost exactly the same techniques so I didnt learn a great amount. Did like the idea of trading features tho. Main disappointment is that i would love to have heard Rob doing a more technical talk about ZF.

Great talk.
I've taken a lot of this back with me, simple ideas, like printing designs on nice paper, and due dates in client emails! brilliant!

A great talk with a lot of good points and tips that are well worth remembering! A good, clear presentation.

A good talk with plenty of interesting tips, especially regarding emails. Already started applying some of the items you mentioned - like having a clear and concise subject and including a short summary on my larger emails.