Optimizing Zend Framework


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I was hoping for actual practical examples of optimising ZF, but the talk was very general. Clear that Juozas knows his topic, and he invited any questions about specifics via email, which I really appreciate, but all-in-all not what I was hoping to get out of this talk.

A good talk about where the performance bottlenecks are in ZF1 and some ideas on the strategies you can use to combat them. Would have liked some concrete examples that included before and after benchmarks.

As a Zend beginner I can't add much to the optimisation discussion, but that said I found the talk insightful, and at the end Juozas answered a question concerning which Zend modules are best avoided. Win!

Great presentation by one of the most inspirational new figures in the PHP community (IMO). Great to draw upon his experience with the Zend Framework and learn where to focus attention to make optimisation gains. His advice can be applied to other frameworks too.