Practical Applications of Zend_Acl


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Rowan's excellent delivery and witty charm won me over and continued to make me feel comfortable with the subject matter throughout his talk.

Rowan really knew his topic, and is an excellent speaker. Really enjoyed the depth into the topic - it was nice to have a practical code examples, star trek aside!

Expert delivery. The middle bit was a bit code heavy for my tastes in a talk but I understand what you were getting at.

Although he might invite criticism, it really is hard to fault Rowan's delivery stuff. It was very easy going, which showed comfort with the topic, and his presentaion style was great. Although the basic concepts of using Zend_Acl could be learned from the framework's manual, it was good to hear when it's best to (and not to) use assertions and various other methods.

Good Star Trek... ehm... ZF talk by Rowan. The coding slides were a bit too many but gave a proper idea about the freedom of implementation, the challenges of ACL and the choices to make. Not sure Kirk would have appreciated all the permissions granted to all those people but the "logic" was impeccable and greatly helpful in real world applications.

Excellent talk with superb star trek examples ;) I've never delved into assertions but will be now!

A good talk by a good speaker. Nice to see assertions being covered as the ZF manual's coverage of them is woeful. Possibly a little too many consecutive code slides making it hard to keep track and I'd have liked a little more strategies for how to choose your ACL organisation.

The jokes either told by Rowan or hidden in the content of the slides made this talk stand out from the rest. It was an interesting and highly technical talk that made quite a few things in the ACL worlds clear for me. He made me feel better about my own frustrations by saying that ACL was complicated, which I had only hitherto suspected ;)