Saturday Post-Conference Social


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Tab too small needed generous corporate sponsor.

Fantastic people! but pasta was really not al dente!

The social aspect was excellent and was great to have a few beers, laugh and make merry with others in the industry.

In criticism, the food unfortunately was a lot lower standard than was provided earlier in the day, and whilst I can appreciate that it would have been expensive to fund the bar tab the whole night, £3.20 A PINT?! Seriously?

Criticism aside, a great way to round of a full day and most enjoyable!

Can't fault free beer. Everyone talkative and I met some interesting people. Thanks.
(didn't eat dinner so can't comment)

Good social and nice to have a free drinks :) I also liked having food on-site as it kept more people around for longer.

The food's a really good idea (as akrabat has already said it keeps people around more), and chilli is proper drinking food so no complaints there. Whilst the bar in itself isn't brilliant, the social is made by the attitude of the attendees, and with (nearly) everyone happy, friendly and approachable, good times ensued!

really enjoyed the social, wasnt overly impressed with the food but that wasnt the reason I was there...

Met some really interesting people, and had a good natter and few beers, I wish I could have stayed a bit later but last train home had the final say, so next year I think I'll stop in town somewhere...

I've had a lot worse food when catering for 250 and it kept me going, so I can't really fault that considering it was free :)

Appreciated the free drink, but I think the expense of the drink when it ran out was one of the main reasons we left early. Money might have been better spent just bringing the prices down a bit, if that's possible.

Socials is what I go to conferences for :-)

It's great that the food and bar are all on site as no one gets lost or put off by having to move locations so it creates a great social atmosphere.
The free bar always goes down well too!

Free beer, free food and free direct access to speakers. Awesome.

Even though I missed the first two sessions on the Sunday morning, after a second late night of drinking. I'd do it again a million times over. No disrespect to those speakers of course. I'll definitely be watching the videos.

Really enjoyed the evening. Shame free beer finished so quickly. Also really appreciated the dinner as I was starving by that time. Also had good time watching people playing Mario cart and playing Guitar Hero myself. Was good fun!

Also after conference conversation with people were really good.