Teach a Man to Fish: Coaching Development Teams


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Interesting topic and good versant knowledge. Good pace.

Great talk as always, inspirational and motivating. Might also want to add in the cost (in time) of getting a new developer up to speed with company practices, toolchains, systems etc. to the costs related to recruitment.

Great talk.. good coverage of topic, with lots of useful direction on what to do and how to do it to succeed in self improvement

There were so many excellent points! I especially liked your comment about training budget and attitude. Great talk :)

Great talk! Wish my bosses had heard it! Lots to think about.

Interesting and different topic, good, helpful information. Great talk!

Great content, applicable to a wide range of developers

Very nice talk, very nice presenter, great start of the conference!

Thank you Lorna

Very useful/informative talk, very well delivered. Always a pleasure to listen!

Good presentation, some useful tips.

Great talk, will be taking it back to my organization.

Some great tips in there - really liked the link tuesday idea :-)

Loads of great tips, excellent pace, will try Conference Slide Karaoke out on my team :)

Some great ideas to take back to work. Will be recommending the finder fee approach as we have a policy of not using recruitment agencies. Not sure my bosses will love 360 feedback but worth a try!

Some great ideas here to fill out our training strategy! Good work!

Some interesting ideas. Not sure all of them are possible but a select handful might work well.

It was a good talk, and I especially like it when keynotes aren't exactly about PHP but somehow manage to cover what developers go through. Also really appreciated that Lorna was receptive to questions after the fact and answered them with just as much enthusiasm as the keynote speech had.

Top notch content, presentation and personality. Superb!

Good one, useful and practical, I would suggest it to business/sales people too

Lorna was coherent, spoke a lot of sense and was engaging - the time flew by. A great presentation, which made me consider some things I hadn't really thought about before, and offerent some suggestions I'll try to introduce back in the office.

A very professional and thought provoking talk, which I can see having some great applications for a great many people. Also particularly pleased to hear Bus Factor mentioned, which is a topic I am particularly fond of! Thank you!

I could very much relate to the topic as I am dealing with people management as well.

Good talk, keep it up !

Some suggestions are dependent on other factors in businesses and should be approached with consideration to risk and relevance. Overall presented very well though.

Great talk. Well done lorna.

Great subject for the keynote, really good pace of delivery too. However, Lorna's use of high rising terminal can make her seem uncertain of the points she is making, which slightly undermines her delivery.

As the leader of a team myself I found a lot of this very interesting. Left me with a few ideas to try out and was great to have the rest of team responding positively as well. I found Lorna's delivery (as always) to be great - clear and "friendly".

Anonymous at 18:36 on 10 Oct 2010

Good talk with some useful tips.

Plenty of awesome advice for everyone, from CEO's to managers to developers!

An Excellent choice for a keynote

Interesting Ideas. I think that the facts and figures presented may vary from Industry to Industry and organisation to organisation. Overall it was a Good talk!

I really enjoyed this talk, a great start to the day.

Completely agreed with the ideas/points raised, and look forward to passing them onto my team leader/senior management and hopefully integrating into our current training program.

I agree with the comments about this talk being an excellent choice for the keynote. The passion for the subject was clearly expressed and the clarity of the speaking was very good.

The topic and the information used was good.

Well presented, enjoyable and thought provoking. I would have appreciated more facts and figures but it was a great opener for the day.

This was a great talk to start of the conference, not least because it reminded us of how our learning and career development is totally in our hands so it's up to us to make the most of each opportunity. So make the most of the conference day while you're here!

I also really liked the inclusion of building some personal study time into your work schedule as an alternate way of receiving training/development support from your employer. I'm not sure how many employers allow this but I think it is an excellent idea that should be widely encouraged.

Great talk, and well delivered!

Really enjoyable talk, lots of excellent points, clear and well structured. Especially useful to me as a relatively junior developer who is looking to join a development team for the first time, knowing what a company considers when looking for a new developer is useful when job hunting! Thanks for the talk!

Have always used feedback from team members but never really went outside that circle. So shall do so now.

Also, it made me think about my own skills more and to note those weaker areas to strengthen. On the way up to the conference I started to have a go at code katas. Definitely worth doing for anyone wanting to improve their modelling skills.

Anyways, my brain is ticking on finding other fun ways to share the knowledge I've learnt here back at work.

Thanks for the talk.

Good talk - lots of food for thought there. Looking forward to link Tuesdays. My team already has 3 slide karaoke sessions lined up.

Good talk, with some interesting points.

A great keynote to open the conference and really well presented. Really enjoyed the bits on communicating with management to illustrate the business sense in constantly educating your developers. I just wish the IT management in my company had been there to see it too.

Very well delivered keynote. Some good ideas for team and self education. Amazed how well this fits into my experience with continuous integration!

A well presented keynote and a good start to the event. I can see it being used in the future to help convince more managers to let their developers go to events and get training.

We're already using some of the sharing ideas, including slide karaoke at our developer evening next week.

Thought the topic was perfect for putting people in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Will be using slide karaoke to disseminate to colleagues at work, a great idea!

Excellent start to the day, clear and motivational. I do love to see training/development encouraged. If we don't want to learn we are in the wrong business.

Interesting and engaging talk with lots of neat ideas from how to keep up to date with technologies to how to undertake training with minimal cost. I will be trying a few of them out myself :)