The curious case of php|architect


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Witty, humorous, great pace, enjoyable talk. Very interesting blend of business and tech info. +1 for sharing and open sourcing more phpa stuff! :)

Entertaining talk, plenty of quotables and an interesting look at almost a decade of work on the systems that run php|a, and the problems and solutions they've dealt with.

A very enjoyable talk with lots of information about what worked and what didn't on the system that run php|a. Possibly the best case-study I've heard.

Good talk, not too sure whether it fit the conference.

Enjoyable and insightful talk. I didn't really take much away in terms of knowledge, but it was certainly an interesting case study and it was good to listen to the problems PHP|A faced and how they approached solving them. Marco has a great sense of humour and it was probably the most entertaining talk of PHPNW10 for me.

I'll admit I mainly went to this talk out of curiosity as I wanted to see Marco talk, but it was actually a pretty interesting case study to hear about. Not too sure exactly what lessons I've taken away from it, but it's always good to hear about other people's experiences.