Zend Framework 2.0 is coming!


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Simple. Clean. Improved. Excellent talk from the seasoned Speaker didn't disappoint.

Good overview of what's coming in ZF2.0 - all sound very worthwhile! Looking forward to seeing it happen!

Fantastic/Enthusiastic talk giving a great overview of what's coming in ZF2.

Loads of great stuff coming in ZF2, great presentation as usual :)

Interesting talk concisely doing what it said on the tin. Nice presentation of what's coming in ZF2.

Interesting introduction to what we can expect from ZF2. Good pace and good humour too!

Gave a full overview of what's coming in ZF 2, enjoyable and infromative.

Appreciated the presentation of information and not hype/vaporware

Good information on what the roadmap is, and background on the direction being taken.

Good info and great to see actual code, and it not be a marketing type of talk in any way.

Great insight in what's to come in ZF2. Nothing alarming and most improvements make a lot of sense. Rob presents clearly and with authority as always. Very enjoyable.

Rob's enthusiastic about this topic, which kept it engaging. He's also very knowledgeable on the subject, so pushed out a lot of useful information. Criticisms would be that it felt a bit rushed at the end and didn't close that strongly. There was also a bit of a mix in of general PHP 5.3 features, but it was still relevant.

Also, loved the minimalist slides. Can be difficult to pull off, but it worked.

Very interesting and useful to get info about "what's going on with ZF2 ?" "how will it affect my application ?" etc. Talk well planned and structured, I'm glad I didn't miss it.

I love listening to Rob and the way he adds slight irony to his style.

It's clear where we're heading with ZF2 and clear what is still unknown. I look forward to using it and perhaps doing some bug hunting on it.

Rob's huge depth of knowledge in this area and interest are evident as soon as he starts to speak; at the same time this talk was so accessible I could follow and learn a great deal despite having never wielded Zend in anger - and that combination is not easy to pull off.

good talk but as I am not a ZF user myself I was hoping for a bit more code to see however I understand with ZF2 in it's early stages how difficult that would be. Liked Rob's honesty about the failings of ZF1 though it totally put me off using it until ZF2 is released

An excellent update on ZF2 for everyone!

Enjoyed the mix of history and seeing what's coming up! Practical examples of how zf2 code might look were good too. Robs enthusiasm is contagious.

An insightful talk that makes me really excited about Zend Framework 2's arrival. It was a really tidy summary of what they have in store for Zend Framework 2, and how they plan to tackle current issues with Zend Framework 1. I really like Rob's presentation style, he's easy to listen to and moves at just the right pace.

Good to get a current snapshot on where ZF2 is and where it's going. Nice to see some code examples using the new namespace support and new best practise error handling.

I like your honesty on the good and the bad of ZF :)

A well paced authoritative talk. Enjoyed Rob's style of presentation and straightforward approach.

Informative talk - well delivered with a good mix of clarity and humor.

Excellent talk, well presented and not bogged down with code. It's always nice to see someone involved with a framework accepting it's flaws and helping it push forward.

Excellent, clear and enjoyable. ZF2 looks very exciting - only downside is that it will clearly be quite a while before it is ready.