A Practical Look At Symfony2


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Anonymous at 15:58 on 8 Oct 2011

This was more a step-by-step guide on how to set up a symfony project than an introduction.

Anonymous at 16:03 on 8 Oct 2011

Not quite as engaging as I'd hoped for, due to being unable to read any of the code examples.

Anonymous at 16:29 on 8 Oct 2011

Not very practical as I couldn't read the slides

I think there was a good effort in trying to do an introduction to Symfony2 but it's not an easy task because of the whole complexity. You clearly spent quite a lot of time on preparing the talk but it's just impossible to cover the topic in 1 hour in a way that makes much sense. And the code samples really didn't work out very well :(

Well prepared talk but the slides were a bit too small to present code on. I'd be helpful to upload the slides on beforehand so we could zoom in on laptop/tablet. Also there wasn't much time for questions. For example, I'd like to know if Stefan has used other frameworks as well, and whether he'd point out differences between Symfony and ZF, Codeigniter, etc. For the rest good, I might check it out soon! Good luck Stefan!

Anonymous at 09:10 on 10 Oct 2011

The code slides were useless, we could have done with some zooms in key parts of them to cement their application. It felt more like a hurried tour through the getting started section of symfony.com rather than a practical look.

I personally would have appreciated more high level explanations of concepts, that illegible examples of code. Symfony's architecture and nuances are very different to other PHP frameworks, but more akin to other none PHP ones, it would have been great to understand the methodology behind the majore design choices and practical applications.

One other point (from my limited understanding) is that some of the examples were pretty out of date, config file formats have changed and the codebase in the examples was using deprecated methods in the stable release.

Having said that though, I did glean some useful tips on setting up, making use of the different parts of Symfony and how and where to apply them. And I'm now very excited about going to Cologne for Symfony day, so thank you Stefan.

Not as useful as I'd hoped. Being new to Symfony2 I would have preferred an overview and framework comparison, rather than a practical example. Also, the slides weren't displayed properly on the screen - way too small. Nevertheless, it was still an interesting talk.

Stefan was clearly interested in the topic he was talking on, but the talk served more as a demonstration of setting up a project than an introduction to the framework, and this goal itself was hampered by the fact that it was very difficult to read any of the provided code examples. I came away with the impression that Symfony2 was an in depth framework, but I am unsure where that depth leads or what's actually present within. I did talk to Stefan in the evening and I think he's aware of the issues with the slides, so maybe just a different tactic next time would be ideal.

Having not used Symfony I found it was a good introduction about how to get started, but I think it will be more useful once I've had time to go through the slides and the code examples.

Sadly this was the least engaging talk for me for the conference.

The biggest problem was the slides were mostly code examples that were simply unreadable. The text needs to be nice and big so it can be read, especially when you're introducing people to it for the first time that haven't seen it. This made it very hard to engage with this talk.

I also think this wasn't really a "practical" look at Symfony2, more an introduction and a quick look at the basic usage. This talk needs to either be an introduction for new users, or instead an in depth look into an existing application for existing users.

For a practical look at Symfony2 this could have done with a few more instances of dropping down to the console and actually doing stuff - as risky as this is when people are looking it would have the talk a lot more engaging.

I don't really feel like this was targeted at people who have had any MVC/Framework experience, so it didn't help me.

The example code was also far too small.

A good talk I thought, I've never used Symfony before so the step by step introduction was useful for me. The talk will give me a good head start when I come to use Symfony and it will be nice to actually have a look over the slides, thanks for the link!

As a total Symfony2 newbie i very much enjoyed the global overview of the framework and the explanation of how to set up a Symfony2 application.
I think the choice of having a small website like linktuesday.com as a practical example was a good one. Also, launching linktuesday.com as an open source project was pretty cool.

Code samples that big are hard to show in a presentation. Adri Kodde has a good point; maybe you can upload the slides right before the presentation.
But then again... the WiFi.

Was really satisfied overall!

Shame that the code examples were difficult to read. Having an example of a small site was good but maybe less time on the downloading and initial set up and more of the results of using Symfony2 would have been good.

For me personally, this was a great introduction in a framework that I haven't used before, but will be using in the near future. It was exactly what I expected and Stefan brought it well. Because I sat in the front I could almost read the code examples, but not quite. For me, it wasn't a problem because I could read some of it and Stefan explained it very well.