Developers! Y U NO open source your code?


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Good presentation, engaging speaker.

Fun talk, very confident and relaxed speaking style.

good talk and points communicated very cleanly. Would buy beer for :)

Very nice, but maybe next time try to speak a bit slower. If that means including slightly less content, that's fine, because the content was excellent

Came in late, but enjoyed the topic and the content. Well discussed, and good answers to the questions at the end.

A good talk, well presented by a knowledgable speaker. Some interesting insights into how open sourcing software can help make a company's software better even if no external developers contribute.

The use of memes meant i couldnt stop sniggering at the back of the room. I am sorry.

It was a funny engaging talk with good points. I dont know if Craig has spoken before but its a talk that more people should hear ( esp team leads)

Good talk, especially considering the speaker had not spoken previously (if I remember correctly). Very relaxed and seemed comfortable talking about his company's experience with OS. Really nice font on the slides, and content was great.

Found it hard to relate to the content, as i've definitely not worked under a manager who would be comfortable with publishing internal code :P Interesting nonetheless.

The speaker clearly knew what he was talking about so it was a really nice talk. I just found out this was his first talk but honestly, I couldn't have guessed! Great subject and a great speaker.

Not being an English native it could have been nice if he would have talked just a little bit slower though.

An interesting and well presented talk with a lot of points I hadn't considered before. Thank you!

I agree with the talking speed, it could have been a little bit slower since the audience wasn't all English. Good talk, you really know you're stuff and you brought it well.

Good talk, good points, and some excellent points about why contributing to opensource is good for teams and companies. Inspiring.