DocBlox: your source matters


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An interesting talk that straddled both an introduction/sales pitch for DocBlox and some of its less well known features and soon-to-be-released additions. Mike is obviously passionate about his development and this comes across clearly and while I believe nerves hampered the start of his talk he settled into it pretty quickly. There are a lot of good reasons for using DocBlox and I recommend reducing the time in the talk dedicated to comparing DocBlox with other systems (as this info is easy to find out) and focus on the cool new and additional features it provides (including the low memory footprint and high speed) and where the project is heading in the near future.

Didn't quite get as much as I hoped to from this talk.

We're already using DocBlox, so we'd already covered most of the first half of the talk (and in our experience we've got a better than 80% improvement in documentation generation time over phpDocumenter). There were a couple of interesting nuggets about inheritable doc blocks and checkstyle format output that we'll definitely be incorporating into our usage, but the things I was interested in and were mentioned in the abstract, namely applying your own branding and managing your own set of tags weren't actually covered in the talk, beyond a mention of templating towards the end.

Mike did a good job of delivering the talk and is obviously passionate about the project and I thank him for doing it, it's so much better for CI to have brought build times down from 2 hours to 20 minutes.

An informative talk for someone not very familiar with DocBlox. Well presented, informed speaker. Good job.

By the time I attended DocBlox: Your Source Matters : Mike van Riel my brain was pressing against my skull and I could hear short circuits crackling. But Mike did pitch up well and kept me alert throughout, and I will be having a better look at DoxBlox later ;-)