Introducing Quality Management - A practical approach


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Good introduction to introducing quality processes within a company and the challenges that have to be overcome.

a lot of valuable information. absolutely no reason to be nervous, you know what you are talking about! one piece of feedback would be the slides. there was a lot of information per slide, but with the short time you had I understand why. If you get more speaking time I would try to spread the information out over more slides. this way it can serve you as a cheat sheet at the same time, it will be easier to remember what point you are telling us about. I for one will try to attend your next talk, you have a lot to offer the community!

Some very good points on quality, I agree with nbreems on the slides, and would ad that a few sections came down to lists, e.g the areas that improvement projects could be conducted in, where you might be better served by choosing just one or two and telling more of a story on how they might help, and just having the rest on a slide for the audience to read or refer to later.

Awesome talk! really interesting and engaging.

Agree the slides were a little heavy but i think with more experience they will lighten up. Love the european twang to it all- its really good to see how other people's ideas on quality.

Great talk, it serves as a nice introduction to quality management. And I LOVED the answers to the questions! Lineke really knows her topic, and it shows.

A really interesting talk that was well presented. It was very clear Lineke knows what she is talking about! The timing could have been managed a bit better, although I realise that the uncon generally had overrun, but overall it was a very informative talk. Well done!