Magic behind number - software metrics in practice


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Excellent presentation. Just wish there was longer to go into more depth. I would have liked to have had a description of cyclomatic complexity and the way it's calculated before it was used in the initial part of the presentation. I feel it would have provided more meaning to some of the calculations that were diplayed. Otherwise a good clear presentation style with appropriate slides. It's great to have a technical talk with technical detail.

Top quality. Put some of the tools I use day to day into perspective, inspired me to look into software metrics further.

Excellent talk by Sebastian. Confident in the material being delivered and provided insight into the metrics we generate every day.

A very indepth talk that needs to be digested and followed up when you have taken it all in.

Great talk. Inspired us to make more use of the metrics we record.

Great talk! A lot of acronyms for me to digest, but pushed me towards a major review about how we use metrics.

Well delivered talk, the speaker kept the audience engaged despite the potentially dry subject matter with ease.

I enjoyed Sebastians talk - he gave lots of details about calculating software quality metrics and introduced some useful tools. I went away from the talk with a list of things to take action on.

Sebastian was confident, and knowledgable. I was disappointed that the detail of Sonar seemed rushed through at the end, and for me, covered a lot of stuff I already knew early on in the talk. That said, it is necessary to cover the basics before going more complicated. Good Job

Sebastian covered all the basics of metrics by explaining CC and NPATH which was a perfect fit for the audience as far as i can tell.

I was very happy about the mention of Sonar and getting to hear about the progress that has been made there

Personally I'd have explained CC and NPATH first and CRAP after that so I'd be clear to everyone what CC is but showing the "useful result" first also worked out well. My suggestion for showing off CRAP would be to include a graph like so people maybe get a easier grasp on the number.

Really enjoyed the first talk of I've seen from Sebastian and looking forward to more!

Sebastian delivered a great talk, Even though i do not know much around the metrics i did leave understanding exactly what they were and how to use them and will be looking to influence them for my self in the up-coming future.

A good talk on a subject often skipped over by others. I now know what the stats pyramid means! Would have liked to have seen a little more on the maths side of it but I understand how that could have dried the talk out. Well done on a good talk on a difficult to present subject.

Really drove home the important point - that metrics are tools and guides to help you understand areas that you may want to consider for refactoring, rather than being hard and fast points for things you MUST change.

Appreciated learning a bit more about what all the different metrics mean and how they can be combined.

Made me cry to think about the numbers our codebase's generate though :-p

Very interesting talk. Engaging and informative.

Very interesting talk and for me one of the best of the conference. You kept the attention of the audience and knew your stuff. Everything was well explained and easy to follow. I will look into Sonar soon because I didn't know about it and it seems very interesting. And the book you mentioned is on my wish list. one point of advice: do one slide with credits for all the things you got from the book. It seemed that everything slide almost was from the book which doesn't make a good impression. Otherwiser, well done!

Very good talk. Just the right mix of theory, practical application and some of the weaknesses of the different metrics. Good to see recommendations for tools to use & resources for further information.