PHP and Continuous Data Processing


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More time would have been nice; to have gone into more depth in places .
Nice range of Issues and solutions. Thank you.

Interesting talk about the challenges faced when handling lots of data.

Great to see a talk on this

A well timed presentation. it was interesting listening to the problems and the solutions that they are using and the reasons behind it. No doubt could be extended but it did give a taster of things to come.

It may be a preference of mine, but would have loved to see a little more passion + personality flaring from Michael.

Really interesting to see what problems Micheal is facing in his job, and very impressive with how's dealing with them. He seems to have things very much under control. Presentation was good, but it was pretty clear he was a bit nervous. That will probably go away as he gives more presentations on the subject (which he should, because it's very interesting).

Very interesting subject matter, presentation was a little too short though. I think Michael could easily fill an hour on this subject, although that might get quite hard-core as far as the content is concerned (i.e. getting pretty deep into the nitty gritty coding instead of the somewhat more general overview presented here).

I've certainly picked up some ideas which I'll be using in a coming project where we're also processing large volumes of data continuously (although not on the same scale as Michael's team is).


Brilliant overview to the topic of data processing, especially interesting to see how some of the more intricate parts of the solutions at Smith's are implemented, and a nice look behind the scenes too.

I agree that this could've been a full presentation though, an hour on this would've been fantastic! :)